A series of paintings created by Patricia J Machmiller and Martha Dahlen


This is our story. This is Dandelions

Dandelions" is a collaboration between Patricia J. Machmiller, poet and artist, and Martha Dahlen, calligrapher and writer. We create original, miniature (desk-size) art combining image and word. Our idea is to make art that is small, yet potent; of the everyday, yet deeply relevant.

The pleasure in our work is in its simplicity. The paper, the ink, the water, the beautiful brushes feel so elemental. The idea of combining the gesture of the brush in the form of painting and the form of writing using the simple medium of ink and watercolor on paper is what has invited this collaboration.

We’ve designed our artwork to be near you in a still place in your busy world—your desk, your bed stand, your work bench, on a windowsill, by your computer, above your kitchen sink, in a nook where you read, any small place where you like to rest your eyes for a few moments.

Please enjoy browsing through the works we have created. We hope you find as much pleasure in them as we felt creating them.

If you have a favorite line of poetry or a saying that you would like to have an image created with, please contact us at: info@dandelions.us